PGA Tour Driving Distance Watch Vol. 5

PGA Tour logo.jpgI was away and forgot to check the numbers. Those soggy fairways at Disney really took a toll on the Drive to 30 Over 300. The number of players averaging over 300 yards dropped from 26 to 25, yet another reminder how it's all about roll and has nothing to do with equipment.

30 averaging over 300 yards is going to be tough with only the Chrysler and Tour Championships left. These guys need to hit the weight room if we're going to do it: Charles Warren, Nick Watney, Dennis Paulson, Geoff Ogilvy, Robert Allenby and Michael Long. Come on guys!

Of course, after 18 weather delayed events, doubling the number over 300 this year isn't bad, especially since the line was drawn on this distance increase stuff in 2002.

Just our (third to last) friendly reminder: in 2004, 14 players averaged over 300 yards. 9 players averaged over 300 yards in 2003.  John Daly was the only player averaging over 300 yards for the 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002 seasons.