And Now A Word For Our Sponsors

Better late than never! My October 28 Golf World arrived today, five days after the Nov. 11 issue found its way into my mailbox. (My postman found himself captivated by Ron Sirak's account of the Wie DQ).

In the same issue, E. Michael Johnson writes about equipment sponsors who are frustrated that players are not dropping product or corporate names enough during interviews, ala NASCAR.

That's not a surprise, but this part was:

Even the tour has recognized that its constituents could use help, hiring a public speaking authority, The Speaking Specialists, to address players earlier this year.

"We told them to remember they're always on, and to take advantage of every opportunity to talk up their sponsors," said Sue Castorino, president of The Speaking Specialists. "Sometimes they take [the sponsors] for granted."

Nice that the Tour is looking out for the player sponsors, isn't it? 

The PGA Tour regulates the size and number of logos a player can have on his clothing, yet has consultants encouraging players to plug their new driver like some NASCAR dude thanking Goodyear for FedExing those new high grip tires that would look great on your Chevy?

Pro golfers and their manufacturer ties are taken more seriously by golf fans because the players do NOT shamelessly plug stuff at every opportunity.