Monty's Musings

Thanks to reader Phillip for this reminder that they still have room for fluff in the British papers.

From Colin Montgomerie, writing some kind of diary and sharing this rationale behind his move to a new home closer to the great St. George's Hill course: was a good hour's drive simply to pick [the kids] up. Much the same applied to my visits to the Wisley. The urge to practise can disappear at the end of a lengthy drive. But it is not just these bigger issues which prompted me to sell up. This may sound trivial, but I wanted my own front door and, above all, I wanted to be able to wash my car as I had always enjoyed doing in the past. You can't be trailing from a sixth floor apartment to the basement with a bucket of water. It just doesn't work.

No, not trivial. Ridiculous maybe, but not trivial Monty.

In next week's installment, Monty talks about how he approaches his washing schedule on those 12 days a year it doesn't rain in Britain.