Elling on TPC Upgrade

Not content to be the fifth of four majors, the Tour's Bob Combs discusses changes to the TPC Sawgrass and Players Championship with Steve Elling and others. Two things jumped out:

 "Soup to nuts, we're changing anything we can change," tour spokesman Bob Combs told a group of Florida-based golf writers. 

Hmmm...it's almost like they have to spend a lot money.

The tour has a wad of money to finance the deal and reams of data to justify it. The winner at Sawgrass over the years has finished an average of 13.6 under par when the course was wet and 8.5 when the course was dry.

But it's not about the scoring and egos tied to the winning score. No, no.

"This has taken as much effort and brainpower as I've ever seen at the PGA Tour," Combs said.