Thoughts On "State of the Tour"

Without seeing what the inkslingers filed for tomorrow, I have to say that based on what I heard today and their questions for Tim Finchem, they probably left the "State of the Tour" press conference with more questions than answers.

Basically, we learned FedEx is going to put up a lot of money for a year end points race where the PGA Tour really hasn't figured out what the"playoff" seeds will do for anyone (I suggest seeds 1-10 have the option of saying no to a Ben Crane pairing).

I find it  amazing that after all this time, the Tour brought nothing other than FedEx to the table.

The fact that they can't even commit to the Players moving to May means that if a network wants to play it on the Moon in January, the Tour might consider it.  

But hey, we may get to see FedEx Cup finish events at Bellerive every three years. Oh joy!'