More Hensby

Peter Krupka and Brent ReadIn describe Mark Hensby's latest press conference as "riveting." This time, Hensby talked about life on the PGA Tour, but managed not to disparage any all-time greats.

Hensby, who has taken his world ranking to No.30, said he didn't have any friends on tour anyway and described the USPGA Tour as a lonely place and claimed it was afflicted by back-biting and double-talk.

"Everybody talks about everybody behind their back anyway," Hensby said. "At the end of the day you have your family and you have your job and you go and do it. Players don't care. They say 'good shot' and most of them don't give a shit. That's the way it is.

"If you try to tell me guys genuinely say 'good shot' because it's a good shot, you're kidding me.

"At the end of the day you have your friends at home. You have acquaintances, the guys I don't mind hanging out with. The true friends, you don't have too many of them, not on tour anyway."