Panelist Summit Reports?

Come on you Golf Digest panelists, write up your thoughts, observations and memories of the first-ever panelist summit. Email them in, post in the comments here, we want to hear about it! And no more of these phone calls and cryptic emails informing me that my Golfobserver column was not far off.

Over on Golf Club Atlas, panelist attendee Bill Schulz writes about Jack Nicklaus's comments on Augusta (an identical description was shared to me by another panelist):

Nicklaus received a loud applause from the group when he criticized the recent changes at Augusta National.  He said that he does not recognize the current course and that the original design features of the wide fairways with strategic angles of attack are being deleted.  I think he cited the extremely narrow 7th hole as one such example.

Nicklaus made these criticisms of Augusta National and the earlier comments I repeated regarding Shadow Creek with the architect of these projects, Tom Fazio, standing in the back of the room.  But I do not feel Nickalus was being disrespectful, just speaking his mind.