First U.S. Open Preview

They're here...a U.S. Open preview, even beating the Masters. Sam Weinman previews preparations at Winged Foot.

"To get an event of this scope ready is hard to convey," said Danny Sink, the manager of the 2006 Open who has been on site at the club for some 18 months. "It's a massive undertaking with a lot of moving parts."

So prevalent are these tents, a common criticism lodged at the USGA is that the Open has become more a vehicle for profits than anything else. As a defense, the USGA says those profits are essential to the organization's overall mission. While the Winged Foot Open likely won't rival the record $13 million netted at the 2002 Open at Bethpage Black, it will be profitable enough to underwrite other parts of the USGA budget.

"Obviously, the U.S. Open makes a profit, but that's money we use to help grow the game," Sink said.

Oh it's growing.