Sandomir On Cup Race

Richard Sandomir in the New York Times:

How much more money the PGA Tour will reap should be a concern. It has created a new revenue stream by selling the title sponsorship to its championship race to FedEx (the champion will receiver the hitherto nonexistent FedEx Cup), but will the four-tournament Championship Series be alluring enough to networks, whether it is sold as a package or piecemeal?

"It could be on different networks," Moorhouse said.

Who will carry the playoff? CBS and Fox are out, because they televise the National Football League on Sundays; ABC will return to Nascar in 2007 (replacing NBC); and NBC will be showing Sunday night N.F.L. football.

Moorhouse sees some daylight. ABC won't have Nascar every Sunday; NBC might have Sunday afternoons open; and before Labor Day, CBS might have some time. But there might not be the consistency of a single network carrying all four events. The last eight races of the Chase for the Nextel Cup, for example, are all on NBC.