Tiger On Sasquatch, Clubhead Speed

Tiger on the new Nike driver he's not using in competition yet. Underlining added:

Q. Will you try the Sasquatch again?

TIGER WOODS: I'll continue experimenting with it because I certainly hit it the physics behind it, you're going to hit it a little straighter. I'm just having a hard time finding the right launch conditions. I hit it much further than I do now, which is kind of freaky, but the thing is it's getting the right flight consistently each and every time, and that's what I want to have. It's higher and it goes forever. I just need to get that ball down a little bit.

Q. When you're on the swing speed launch monitor machine stuff, what's your off the rack swing speed at impact with the driver right now?

TIGER WOODS: Swing speed or ball speed?

Q. Swing speed.

TIGER WOODS: Probably about 27, 28 26 to 28, somewhere in there.

Q. If you jump on it?