Another Look at Augusta

masterslogo.jpegThe Atlanta Journal Constitution's Steve Hummer gets a glimpse of the new look Augusta National (easy registration req.).

The evolution of this course mirrors the evolution of the game. The pulsing conflict between course design and the design of club, ball and from-the-heels swing is being played out continually on these grounds.

Amazingly, Hummer cites the same exact Jones quotes that appeared in the breathless Scott Michaux piece that appeared Sunday. (What a coincidence!) 

Note this image accompanying the story by photographer Rob Brown. It shows the trees planted on the par-4 11th. If you ever wonder why some view the tree planting so negatively (besides the obvious departure from the Jones-MacKenzie philosophy), just look at this image.

One of the greatest, most awe inspiring moments for anyone who knows anything about Augusta is the stroll down 11 fairway (or for spectators, 11 rough). Not only do you take in the view of the par-4 green, but also that much anticipated glimpse of the famous par-3 12th (so you can start thinking about it).

The open area between 11, 12 and 13 is unique and adds to their drama. Now the golfer must be down the left side of 11 or wait until after his approach has been hit to take in a full view of the 12th.

The grand, open nature added a large scale feel that only increases the intimidation factor (for some). But finding itself more enclosed, the scale has less impact.