Rude On Western Open

Jeff Rude on the proposed disaster known as the Western Open moving to September:

Cog Hill owner Frank Jemsek has given his course to the Tour annually for no charge — that's right, no site fee — and this is what he gets? A sharp stick in the eye? Right after he meets with architect Rees Jones with the idea of face-lifting the course?Doesn't seem quite fair.

Well, that's what you get for hiring Rees. Oh wait, you meant, oh I gotcha. Sorry. My bad.

You want to rotate the Western around to four courses, then let's do it in Chicago. Knock on the doors of Medinah, Olympia Fields, Butler National and others. Get three courses to rotate with Cog Hill. If those clubs don't step up, keep going down the wealthy list.

I challenge the Tour and the membership of those clubs to step up and keep a Tour event in Chicago every year. I'm looking for someone with soul.

Jeff, you meant, $oul.