Year In Review, Vol. 3: Best Rally Killer of 2005

While going through the archives, there were plenty of great rally killers determined to get a player off an interesting subject to ask a meaningless question for a sidebar he or she was planning to mail in by 3.

There were many fine candidates, but for some unknown reason this one was my favorite. Perhaps it's the combination of Chris DiMarco admitting something players rarely acknowledge: the replaying of key shots over and over again, including in this instance, one played by a competitor (Tiger's 16th hole chip-in, Masters Sunday). You sense DiMarco is opening himself up to the assembled newsmongers, and since he's one of the more articulate and opinionated players, you hope they'll let him talk this one out. Maybe even follow up with a few more questions. No.

It was a perfect chance to ask about golf in the Olympics.

CHRIS DiMARCO: A couple days after The Masters, it was tough. I relived that chip a lot in my head, my chip, not so much his but my chip on 18, knowing that that could have gone in and could have changed everything. I was proud of myself that I put myself in position to win.

Q. As someone who's played in the Presidents Cup and the Ryder Cup, do you think there is a place for golf at the Olympic games?