The Game of a Lifetime

Thanks to readers Paul and John for the heads up on Katherine Rosman of the Wall Street Journal and her story about getting her stepdad on Augusta National, titled "The Game of a Lifetime." It's a free read today on, not sure about tomorrow though, so hit the link now.

Like almost anybody who has picked up a golf club, my stepfather has always had a fantasy: To play at the Augusta National Golf Club. The legendary Georgia course is home to the Masters Tournament, and admission is strictly limited to its closely guarded roster of members and their invited guests. Neither I nor my stepfather knew a soul there.

So when I said I wanted to surprise him with a round of golf there, everyone I talked to said it would be impossible. Why would an absolute stranger invite a 70-year-old suburban Detroit real-estate developer to Georgia to tee off at one of the world's most secretive and exclusive clubs?