Year In Review, Vol. 15: Merion and Chicago GC

merion logo.gifThough the coverage was a bit skimpy, particularly at the Walker Cup, we were able to enjoy Merion during the U.S. Amateur and Chicago Golf Club during the thrilling Walker Cup. Neither disappointed (well...about those fairway contours at Merion...).

The Amateur marked the farewell of Tom Meeks, giving us a chance to celebrate his career highlights while giving jovial USGA press officer Craig Smith a chance to claim that Sunday's raining sky was "sad for Tom."

They started the week off talking Open, but after Sunday's 7 birdie scorching by eventual winner Eduardo Molinari, Merion looks like it's a permanent member of the Amateur-Walker Cup rotation. Nothing wrong with that.

walker cup logo.gifThe Walker Cup's down-to-the-last-match finish was thrilling for those of us who turned away from the PGA to catch it.

Still, the real treat was seeing Chicago Golf Club.