Best New Remodel of a Best New

The envelope please...

The first ever winner of the unofficial Golf Digest Best New-Best New Remodel (that's a renovation of a former Best New winner) goes to...Colleton River, where Jack Nicklaus recently remodeled his 1993 Golf Digest Best New Private Course winner.

Colleton River placed 4th on this year's inaugural Best New Remodel list, so Nicklaus edged out his 7th place remodel of Loxahatchee, the 1985 Best New Private winner that also apparently required an overhaul despite the Golf Digest panel's initial euphoria.

Word is that in early 2025, Jack will re-install the dreaded chocolate drop mounds he just took out at Loxahatchee, and the course will have a chance to win 2026's first ever, Best New-Best New-Best New Remodel.

Early prediction: Pelican Hill, a 1992 Best New winner currently under renovation, is a lock to win the 2007 Best New-Best New Remodel.