Year In Review, Vol 17: In Just Six Years...

Bill Fields of Golf World wrote one of the best stories of 2005 ("Changing Times") when he looked at how Pinehurst played for the 1999 U.S. Open and compared the numbers to the 2005 event won by Michael Campbell.

Mark Rolfing had trouble with some of the numbers as they started to appear during Open week, claiming the GIR increased because the rough was tougher than in 1999 (ponder that one!). Meanwhile, Peter McKnight also posted some interesting 1999 v. 2005 numbers on's discussion board

I had some fun with USGA President, err... it just seemed like it...Vice President Walter Driver's press conference claims that the setup at Pinehurst was the same this time around and that the No. 2 was not that long (tied...the longest in U.S. Open history).