Monty: Hoylake Very Good...And I Haven't Been There

From Wednesday's Target World Challenge softball session

Q. Have you played much at Hoylake?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I haven't played there at all. I haven't played the course at all at Hoylake. As an Open venue I think it will be very, very good. Obviously there's been some changes since they've played any other tournament there. There are some new tees, as there has to be with an Open. Even St. Andrews had four new tees. So if they can change that, they can change anywhere.

There will be some new tees that the members haven't seen before, and I think it will be a good Open venue. It's been a great course for 100 years, we just haven't used it. I think it will be a super venue. As regards to playing the course, I haven't played there. I haven't been there.