Best of Barkley**

Courtesy of TNT, the best of Charles Barkley. (Minus the "uh, oh, don't zoom in" comment after Woods hit his waterball on the 4th):

Barkley on close friend Tiger Woods and the extremely hot weather during the tournament: "It must be hot out there because Tiger is in great shape and he is sweating. When skinny people sweat, you know it's hot. I sent him a text (message) today to wish him good luck but I guess it didn't work"

Barkley on who is in better shape between he and Woods: "Well he has a six pack and I have a keg...and I would never want to have just six beers."

Barkley on the physical strain that golfing takes on his body: "I came to the realization a couple months ago that I am fat. If you get tired from walking - and that's all that golf is - then you are officially fat."

Barkley on his recent performance at the American Century Celebrity Championship , in which he finished directly behind Cheryl Ladd and Chris Webber: "It's embarrassing. If you are a man and you can't beat girls or the smart kids, you shouldn't be playing...I'm retiring from golf. I'm not going to play again."
**Update: Damon Hack's Saturday notes column in the New York Times looks at Barkley, and quotes him saying that if Phil Mickelson worked out like Tiger or Vijay, he'd be much better.