The Newfangled Bubba

mickelson trucker hat.jpgIt's a miracle that Steve Elling's Saturday lead made it by the Orlando Sentinel editor determined to "protect their readers":

Eat my dust, y'all.

The newfangled Bubba of the 87th PGA Championship, Phil Mickelson, again showed up Friday sporting the new lid he trotted out for the first time this week, a trucker-style cap with a mesh back. The way its mojo is working, if Mickelson can bum a dip of chaw from David Duval or a Marlboro from John Daly, find some flip-flops with spikes and cut the sleeves off his shirt, he might just collect his second major championship.

This being New Jersey, it won't be hard to find a rusted-out Trans Am with a Dale Jr. bumper sticker, either. How long does it take to grow a mullet or get a name embossed on a leather belt?