More Monday PGA Reads

Jeff Rude has more one-liners from Charles Barkley.  Golfobserver's Peter McCleery beats the magazines to the punch and gets to say I told you so after years of warning that a major would not finish on Sunday.  Steve Elling looks at Tiger's epic year in the majors and reports on the 14 players who made the cut in all four majors.2005 pga logo.jpg

George Kimball in the Boston Herald writes about Steve Elkington's sunday shirt reminiscent of his 1995 final day garb and the backdrop on Larry King's set.   Sally Jenkins writes about the ugly play on Sunday at Baltusrol.

Here's a Reuters story on Mickelson's request to move Sunday times up.

David Whitley in the Orlando Sentinel blasts the PGA and likens Sunday refusal to move times up to the infamous "Heidi" episode at NBC.  Michael Hiestand in the USA Today picks up where Rudy Martzke left off...writing press releases for the networks.