Tiger Watched With Us, Vol. 2**

Apparently ESPN's "Around the Horn" windbags debated Tiger's decision to fly home from the PGA Sunday night instead of sticking around in case of a playoff. I didn't see it, but here's my first thought:

If you're Tiger, don't you stay around Monday, show up in the locker room, hit balls on the range and hang around the practice green while the guys are getting ready?  Just to send the subliminal message, "I think you guys are the biggest dogs in golf, I'm looking forward to watching you throw up all over yourselves, and I'll see you on the 4th tee in an hour."

Couldn't have hurt, could it?  Weird stuff.

** This Reuters story says a playoff missed by Woods would have been one of the biggest blunders in sports history. Sounds fair to me. You?