Hannigan on the PGA

golfobserver copy.jpgFrank Hannigan says the PGA's Sunday debacle is actually worse than it appears and ends with this anecdote:

When the l967 Open was played at Baltusrol — the one Nicklaus won after hitting an ungodly l iron to the final green — there was a monumental thunder storm immediately after Nicklaus and his fellow competitor, one Arnold Palmer, holed out.

The USGA Executive Committee at its next meeting voted unanimously that it would never again schedule a U.S. Open to end after 6 p.m. so that it would have more than two hours, on the year's longest days to cope with weather delays. That action was simply ignored by the present crop of USGA nickel-and-dimers at Bethpage.
Ah, there were giants in those days. There are weasels in these days.