Add Campbell To the List

U.S. Open winner Michael Campbell is another one who just doesn't get it. A liberal technophobe not only living among us, but winning a major .

"It's going the wrong way by toughening the golf courses up through length," said Campbell.

"They should put a stop to something because it's getting ridiculous now. There's no controlled shot now. Technology has really helped players with a lot of clubhead speed, Ernie (Els), Tiger (Woods), John (Daly), rather than the average guy like myself."

Wait, you mean the average golfer isn't getting the benefits that the pros are? I'm stunned.

The rest of the quotes in the story are painful, but should be read to be believed. Darren Clarke and Luke Donald want more rough. Tall, nasty stuff.  No mention of more narrowing from any of them, perhaps because they realize that hasn't done a bit of good.

I wonder what makes them think that taller, thicker rough will be a positive?

It's also fascinating that yet again, it's the courses that have the burden to address the situation, not the governing bodies.