Commissioner, The One Thing We've Talked About...

drive to a billion the distance issue. Right? Naw. During the NEC's final round Art of the Monotone demonstration by Commissioner Tim Finchem, CBS's Jim Nantz appeared to be headed for a question about the most talked about issue in the game. What was I thinking?
JIM NANTZ: Commissioner, one thing we've talked about really on every one of our telecasts this this remarkable Drive to a Billion. You can't shout it loud enough for the sports fan for it to maybe sink in.
Finchem went on to predict (admirably) that this was a product of the efforts of the individual tournaments, and that the Tour will reach the billion dollar mark this year (gosh, you think it'll be the Tour Championship?).  Nantz then asked if Finchem had any "special memories" of 2005 to this point.
TIM FINCHEM: We had such a great start with the media focus on the "Big 4." And three of those guys have won four times each. And of course Ernie is laid up now which is very sad for the President's Cup not to have Ernie [very nice plug]. But you know I think that there have been so many playoffs, so many tournaments coming to the last hole, that has been terrific this year. It's really helped keep viewers at home tuned into the telecasts.

And the other thing I think is more and more really good young athletic players are coming. These young guys are really something and there seems to be more and more of them every year. And they're good, attractive, positive thinking young men that I think will add a lot to what the PGA Tour is going to be about for the next 20 years.
The only time he broke from his monotone was to emphasize the first of three "young" mentions.