Golf Magazine Top 100 Question, Vol. 1

Okay, technically, this is quibble/question #2.

As part of the Golf Magazine rankings package, writer Lisa Taddeo talks to panelist Leon Wentz about his feat of playing all Top 100 in the world. Wentz says:

I was flipping through Golf Magazine, saw the Top 100 World list, and thought, "Now, here's a challenge!" I asked my wife if it would be okay if I made this my chore for the next few years, and she said go for it. I lost 11 courses because of the list changing. For example, I had to go back to New Zealand three months ago to play one that came up on the last list. I wanted to play the current list, not an old list.
Now this means a few things. First, Wentz knew what the 2005 list looked like at least three months ago. Or three months before the interview took place, so more like four months ago. This would mean that he probably knew what the list was going to look like in April or May.

Which is interesting since list newcomer Bandon Trails didn't officially open until June.