E. Michael Johnson at Golf World breaks the news that the USGA is getting serious about driver moment of inertia (MOI).

"Research conducted by the USGA has shown that the clubhead size limitations already in place will not effectively prevent increases in clubhead MOI beyond the levels achieved by clubs which were submitted to the USGA prior to March 2005," the notice said. "The USGA has allowed substantial increases in MOI, but it now believes that a limit is appropriate."

In March the USGA said it was "concerned that any further increases in clubhead moment of inertia may reduce the challenge of the game." The primary concern is the potential development of a strong, lightweight material that would allow for 460cc drivers with an incredible amount of free weight to move around, providing a super-high MOI.

"We had thought maybe clubs had reached a natural limit on MOI with the head size of 460cc, but with further research and analysis we came to a different conclusion," said USGA senior technical director Dick Rugge.
And I wouldn't want you to miss this quote in the Johnson article from John Solheim of Ping. 
"They are eliminating the things we can do and I'm worried about the long-term effect on the game and the industry," said Solheim. "It scares me. It could have a huge effect on the health of the game. Our kids are not going to be able to get significantly better clubs a few years from now."

Ah, the poor children. What will we deprive them of next? 

Let's have a moment silence for this sad moment in the history of the future of the game.