DVR's Impacting Golf Advertising?

Will TiVo and other digital video recording (DVR) technology impact golf advertising? From Steve Pike in his "Business Insider" column:

It's too early to provide a specific answer, but there's no doubt the technology's ability to provide commercial-free TV has caught the attention of golf industry marketing execs, whose companies spend millions to get on the tube.

"We're evaluating it on an ongoing basis," Andy Jones, vice president of marketing for golf shoe giant FootJoy, told "Our research tell us that golfers want to see the commercials -- particularly equipment. So we're watching it closely."

Oh I'm not so sure about that.

Either way, you can expect new forms of commercialization thanks to DVR's.

But Dan Murphy, director of marketing for Bridgestone Golf, sees the technology as a more immediate threat to commercials.

"We haven't given up on the 30-second spot yet -- we still are there. But there are two ways, we think, to deal with it," Murphy said. "One is, we think the Internet is more important than ever; so one way to distribute your TV spot, particularly if it's entertaining, is through email and clip attachments.

"The other way is to stay on TV to be work more toward the product placement strategy. In other words, insert your brand into a particular show."

Uh, don't they already insert their brand via player visors?