Herrington on Merion

merion logo.gifGolf World's Ryan Herrington has an excellent game story on the U.S. Amateur at Merion, with a surprising insight into Edoardo Molinari's daily ritual (packing) before his matches.

There is also a sidebar at the end of the piece on Merion's U.S. Open chances. The Executive Director is quotes. Not only does Mr. Fay call on yet another baseball analogy, he offers this on the USGA having to take a financial hit by going to Merion.

"I understand also full well that the U.S. Open is the engine that drives the entire organization. But you konw I've got two daughters. Maybe some year I have to budget for a wedding. So what will I do? Scale back somewhere else for the year." 

I guess that $530,000 salary (and $62,000 in expenses) just doesn't go as far as it used to.