CBS Extends PGA Championship Contract

pga_t1_logo.jpgAh the news we've all been waiting for:

"The PGA of America is excited to continue its relationship with CBS Sports by presenting the Season's Final Major to the American public," said Warren. "The PGA Championship has consistently featured the strongest field in major championship golf and has produced some of golf's most dramatic finishes and CBS Sports has been there to capture the drama and history of one of the greatest events in golf."

Season's Final Major capitalized? Maybe they should trademark that. But what happened to Last Shot at Glory or whatever it was they were calling it this year?

"CBS Sports has been a part of The PGA of America family for years," added Awtrey. "We are excited about extending this wonderful partnership and telling the PGA Championship story to golf and sports fans around the country."

Telling the PGA Championship story to golf?  And:

CBS Sports will produce five hours of high-definition coverage each of the final two rounds and will air a maximum of eight minutes of commercials per hour.

 Yes, eight minutes of commercials, 18 minutes of plugs and all leading nicely into reruns of 60 Minutes.