TNT Knows...Drama?

presidents cup.jpgSince I can't watch the Presidents Cup without wondering if Tiger's goatee is a tribute to Waiting For Guffman's infamous Corky St. Clair, I thought I'd track an hour of TNT's coverage.

In between plenty of commericals, plugs for TNT drama/NASCAR, blimp shots (that's of the blimp), a Jim Huber pre-packaged tribute to Jack and Gary, and my favorite, a graphic on "Presidents Cup Lefthanders," TNT showed us the following from 1-2 eastern:

27 putts
3 drives
16 approach shots or par-3 tee shots
5 chips

52 total shots in one hour of coverage. Not sure how that stacks up with other networks. 

Oh, and I loved it when we saw Jack Nicklaus looking at the grass (probably trying to ID the variety), whild Bob Murphy told us that Jack was "pondering his thoughts."

Oh, and the first foursome took 2:20 to finish the front nine. And that's the short nine at RTJ GC.