It Just Took Forever

The Presidents Cup has made clear yet again that the players are trying their best to make golf entertaining despite once again playing a course that does little to inspire. This has been the case all year on the PGA Tour, yet all too often the drama never quite crescendos.

Perhaps it's the television coverage?  Or more likely, the pace of play?

Vijay Singh did not hesistate to comment when given an opening after Saturday's dramatic Presidents Cup play.

Q. Talk a little about playing against Tiger and Furyk today, they seemed to be a pretty good team.

VIJAY SINGH: Yeah, just damned slow, just too slow. It took me it took us 5 1/2 hours to play. Getting up in the morning and playing with them, you know, it's okay when they are hitting the ball, but around the greens it just took forever to play. Towards the end, it took its toll.

I had a partner [Stuart Appleby] that wasn't very fast, either, and there's three guys that are playing you know, Tiger is fine around the tee shots or, you know, the second shot, but when he gets to reading putts and all that, they just took forever. You start hitting a minute a hole for a player and there's three of them, that's three minutes a hole, it adds up toward the end of the day. It just took forever.
Vijay opened the door for more talk of the subject (what he would do to speed up play), or the tension between he and Tiger on the course. Naturally, a rally killer tried to intervene.
Q. I think just watching the games on TV and a little bit in person, you seem like you're having more fun than almost anybody here. Is it just a fun week for you overall?

VIJAY SINGH: I don't know if I'm having fun, I'm here to win my matches and if I'm having fun doing it, you know, it's good for me.

I enjoy my teammates. I gel with them better than probably anybody else. I don't care who I get, I'm comfortable with everybody. So I just go out there and play my game and enjoy my company.
Thankfully, someone brought Vijay back to the pace of play issue.
Q. If you played John Daly in a match in the Presidents Cup, how long would it take?

VIJAY SINGH: It's tough, it's not the speed of play, it's just how slow they play. I play with a few other guys that are very fast. I have a pace and I play to my pace. When you have to wait every single hole, I don't know what the officials are doing, you know, and we had 20, 25 minutes behind time, they are just not stepping up and saying, "hey, you are slow, hurry up."