Trump National Review

Thanks to reader Brian for this review of Trump National Los Angeles, host of the LPGA Tour this week.

“We took an average, nice course on a spectacular location and created a truly special golf course on a spectacular site,” [Donald] Trump says.

Of course, the former could be debated — average yes, but far from nice. Fairways & Greens was never a fan of the original Dye design, with its tight, overly penal landing areas, poor sightlines and hidden hazards. That the Earth tried to swallow the 18th hole seemed only fitting. It was a good walk spoiled.

But the original investors’ nightmare has become an oceanfront dream come true for golfers willing to pony up a few presidents.

And it’s worth every penny, especially if you’re a player who pays similar prices for Las Vegas courses that have neither the sea nor the scenery that swirl around this National treasure.