Rangefinders on Tour?

Gary Van Sickle looks at the general wonderfulness that rangefinders will bring to the game, namely improved speed of play and world peace. He also looks at whether the Tour will allow them to help deal with their speed of play problem.

With all of the strides the Tour has made to improve the look of the uh, "product?" Are you kidding? Even the Laser Link head man knows the answer to this one:

"Commissioner Finchem is concerned with how it looks," Rob O'Loughlin said. "He's in the entertainment business. Having Tiger Woods looking over Stevie Williams' shoulder at a yardage book, that's a traditional look, that's part of the chemistry. I'm not sure they're interested in Tiger and Steve pulling out a laser gun and firing it.

 "But over time, they'll get comfortable with it."

Right! Uh, the Tour's pace of play problem starts on the greens, with major headaches at all of the driveable par-4s and reachable par-5s that the guys stand around and wait on for an hour a round.