Spyglass: The Best Venue In All Of Pebble Beach

Ken Ottmar in the Monterey County Herald apparently wants to turn those First Tee kids into former golfers. Why do I know this?. Because he says they should play Spyglass Hill instead of Old Del Monte for the First Tee Open. Sadly, some of the Champions Tour geezers agreed with him.

Bayonet was too hard. Del Monte, too easy.

So here's my suggestion to the Monterey Peninsula Foundation, which runs the First Tee Open of Pebble Beach: Next year, rotate not with either one of those courses but instead choose what is truly the best venue in all of Pebble Beach.

Spyglass Hill.

Stop laughing and think about this for a minute. Truly the best venue in all of Pebble Beach?  Wish I could say I make this stuff up. But I merely copy and paste.

Maybe he meant it's the best venue that's not Pebble Beach, Cypress Point, Monterey Peninsula Country Club, Poppy Hills, Peter Hay...oh sorry.

Here's the case for Spyglass... 

The numbers don't exactly tell the whole story. After the first round of the First Tee Open, Del Monte played slightly tougher than Pebble Beach -- 71.538 to 71.359. It relinquished 10 rounds under 70, but also had two rounds over 80.

In a complete reversal, Del Monte became easier in the second round, playing to a 71.487 with zero rounds over 80.