Shaughnessy Lovefest Continues

Canadianlogo05.gif Ken Fidlin in the Toronto Sun talks to a few players and gets some great quotes.

"I love this," Jesper Parnevik said. "It just shows you that today's architects are pretty sad. They're building golf courses that are approaching 8,000 yards and it takes 15-under to win. Then we get these old traditional courses and no one can break par."

Well, that wasn’t quite the case in round 1.

"I wish we could play a course like this every week," John Cook said. "So much of the game has been lost because kids get up today and just bomb it.

Now, is that the fault of architects? That the kids bomb it? I don’t think so! 

The reaction of virtually all the players in the field should be food for thought for the one-track minds who can't seem to come up with any fresh answers to the problems that technology has created for many golf courses.

Instead of just creating more and more monster courses, architects should take a long, hard look at many of the traditional layouts that demand shotmaking, not just length.

Or, someone could actually govern the game so that the courses don’t continue to be asked to mask a job not well done.