Tournaments React to TV Deal

pgatour.jpgSpinning the new schedule seems to be the initial reaction to the new TV deal and 2007 schedule. Just give them all a few weeks.

Bob Harig does the best job summarizing the 2007 schedule winners and losers.

The Booz Allen got shipped to the fall and you have to wonder if Booz CEO Ralph Shrader's publicly expressed displeasure with the Tour played a role.

"I don't think flabbergasted would be too strong of a description of our reaction to the news," said Steve Lesnik, the chief executive officer of KemperSports, the company that has long directed and managed the local tour stop (currently the Booz Allen Classic). "We had no real forewarning, so it's going to take a few days to digest all the implications and ramifications of the situation."

Dan Bollerman writes about the new Mexico event, which ought to survive at least three years.

Gary D'Amato looks at the Milwaukee tournament and the efforts to put a positive spin on a dreadful date.

Gary Baines writes about The International and how happy they are with their new date. But it's hard to imagine sounds like a better way to get ready for links golf than 7 irons from 220.

Jeff Platsky looks at the B.C. Open likely making a move to the Champions Tour, and offers some interesting figures on what it costs to sponsor a Valiant Competitors Tour event.

Finally, Ed Sherman writes about the end of the Western Open name, which dates to 1899. He also looks at the mysterious move to Chicago only seeing the Tour every-other-year while the event is shifted to Hazeltine, Crooked Stick and Bellerive. The one positive is a likely jump in charitable donations to the Evans Scholarship fund.