And They Wonder Why Vijay...

...won't come to the press tent?

Some questions for David Toms following his Sony Open win

Q. Your pattern has been other than the Match Play to typically win more in the middle of the year, is there anything that you can pinpoint as to why you won so early this year?

Q. You're pretty good with the lead going into the final round, are you aware of that? Is there anything to that that gets you...

Q. Maybe following up to that question and your answer, it wasn't an epiphany that all of the sudden you decided you wanted to win golf tournaments. What made that change and when did you come to realize that?

Q. You talked a month ago about the way you won at Match Play last year and frankly the way you won this week and what you said then was "I'd like to be able to do that more often." What does it take to do that more often? Are you getting any clue on that and do you think you're capable of it?

Q. Do you pay attention to your World Ranking?

Q. Seven inches on the first hole?

DAVID TOMS: Seven inches on the first hole? On No. 1? No, no, I had about 12 feet.