Azinger On FedEx Cup

You have to love Paul Azinger's honesty amidst all of the spin. Doug Ferguson reports:

"Players don't care who covers the game," he said. "I don't think Tiger Woods cares who covers the Masters."

Nor does he believe players will care that much about the FedEx Cup, which includes three Championship Series tournaments leading to the Tour Championship, with an estimated $10 million going to the winner.

Azinger's first victories came in 1987, the first year of the Tour Championship (then called the Nabisco Championship), which was created to define the end of the golf season.

That didn't work, and he isn't sure this new format will make much of a difference.

"The best players in the world are playing to make history," Azinger said. "There are only four tournaments you can win to make history, and TPC (The Players Championship) is not one of them. And neither are those world events. And you're not going to make history winning some kind of FedEx Cup."