Taking Aim with Stu Schneider

AIMDarwin.jpgStu Schneider writes Golf World's weekly TV Rewind column and broke the news on the PGA Tour nearing completion of its new TV contract.  With his take on televised golf and the Front 9 list each week (co-authored with editor Geoff Russell), Schneider's humor and insight has given Golf World's pages a big boost.

Before his Golf World work, Schneider was editor of Golfweb where he led the site until CBS Sportsline and the Tour phased it out.

For reasons known only to Stu, he agreed to be the first ever GS.com instant message interview. 

GeoffShac:  alright here goes...first question is a long one...

GeoffShac:  15 years?

Stugolf:     Well, in golf years that's even longer...  

GeoffShac:   especially if you have to watch it for a living 

Stugolf:     But I guess they need a while to get Kelly Tilghman's makeup right...
Stugolf:     Actually I should've said Brandel Chamblee's...

GeoffShac:    seriously, they do a great job at the majors, do you think that will be their production inspiration or will they go in the Big Break direction, as Manougian hinted in the press conference?

Stugolf:     Well, one thing to remember is that the Thur/Fri telecasts will be produced by the weekend carriers, nbc and cbs (thank god)

GeoffShac:     Ah right...and announcer wise, will TGC provide a lead and color person like USA sometimes did?

Stugolf:     I think it will be mostly Golf Channel people in front of the cameras, but there may be a Rolfing (who does both) or Maltbie snuck in there sometimes...

GeoffShac:     And the networks, fair to say they got 6 years for the price of (the last) 4?

Stugolf:     Sorta seems that way, but I guess we'll have to wait for the tour's annual report to see the real numbers.

GeoffShac:     I'm sure they'll share all of the details!

Stugolf:     Hey, I believe as a "charitable organization" they are *required* by law to lay it all out.  Of course, they would say they would do it anyway...

GeoffShac:     Their Form 990s are rather elusive

Stugolf:     You should try and get your hands on a copy.  Someone with your sunny outlook would have a great time reading it.

GeoffShac: Believe me, I've tried. So has Guidestar, the folks who do that stuff for a living. I have a better chance getting the minutes to Dick Cheney's energy policy meetings

GeoffShac: So do you watch every hour of every telecast?

Stugolf:     I'm ashamed to say that I watch very close to all of it... at least all of the weekend stuff for sure.  Wouldn't want to miss something incredible, like Bobby Clampett making sense.

GeoffShac: I envision you in a room with more than one TV, emergency caffeine stash nearby, objects to throw at the television and laptop ready to document every ridiculous thing said by Bobb...the announcers

Stugolf: Hmm.. frighteningly close.
stugolf: Actually, I take notes, the old fashioned way.

GeoffShac: no wireless laptop yet?

Stugolf: No, not yet.  Too much technology can numb you.
Stugolf: Tivo however is another story.
Stugolf: It makes it possible, and it makes it survivable.

GeoffShac: you mean you don't enjoy the opportunity to bond with the Tour's partners during commercial breaks?

Stugolf: I tend to be a little coterminous when it comes to that.
Stugolf: Hey, I'm proud of myself.  So what if it makes no sense.
Stugolf: It never stopped Finchem.

GeoffShac: true

Stugolf: The only thing I stop for now are the tour's new TV commercials.  Art form.

GeoffShac: oh yes, those are LOL funny

Stugolf:     Thank goodness I can go back and relive them on Tivo over and over and over and over again.
Stugolf:     They're even better the fifth time around.
Stugolf:     They remind me of The Golf Channel’s ads for the Champions Tour.

GeoffShac:     I bet you save those using the “keep until I delete” deal

GeoffShac:     wait, you watch the Champions Tour?

GeoffShac:     do tell...

Stugolf:    Hmm..
Stugolf:    how many readers do you have?

GeoffShac:     oh that's classified information...like the Tour, part of my right as a non-profit to keep those numbers confidential :)

Stugolf:     You probably have more readers than TGC has viewers for the Champions Tour anyway...
Stugolf:     Yes, I have, on occasion, watched it.
Stugolf:     I'm a sucker for Dave Marr's couch interviews.
Stugolf:     It's a legacy, as they said in Animal House.

GeoffShac:     oh come on, he's not even close to being as bad as the guy ESPN had at Kapalua

Stugolf:      Tom Rinaldi?  Hey, I have to give him this: he didn't wear a Hawaiian shirt.  Extra points for that.

GeoffShac:     that was a first for Hawaiian golf broadcasting...

Stugolf:     Except for old dependable, Rolfing.

GeoffShac:     well, of course

GeoffShac:     what would you do to liven up golf telecasts?

GeoffShac:     did I stump you with that last question? :)

Stugolf:     Oh.. the phone, hold on.

GeoffShac:     k

Stugolf:     Sorry.  Oh, livening up golf telecasts.
Stugolf:     Hmm.  How about analyzing Charles Barkley's swing during a major?
Stugolf:     Oh wait, that's already been done by TNT
Stugolf:     Someone suggested putting a "comet tail" on a golf ball so it's easier to follow in the air, like FOX did with the puck when it broadcast the NHL.
Stugolf:     Unfortunately, I think you can probably have hooters girls on every tee but unless the golf is compelling, the telecast is going to be a dud.

GeoffShac:     I said seriously

Stugolf:     So, I guess make sure we have Tiger vs. Vijay vs. Phil vs. Ernie every week... HEY! I got it... The Fedex Cup... we make sure the pros HAVE to play every week against each other.  Genius!

GeoffShac:     right, and I'm sure Phil and Tiger will play 6 of 7 weeks in August with a major thrown in the midst of that

GeoffShac:     Uh, why does the Tour still bother to put the Golfweb logo on its site?

Stugolf:     LOL.

GeoffShac:     I mean, really, what's the point?

Stugolf:     Because they realize that co-branding can coterminously ensure a fruitful partnership wherein our marketing partners can enjoy the compelling content... uh, what was the question again?

GeoffShac:     you left out platform

GeoffShac:     as someone who was involved with Golfweb, what do you see lacking from golf related web sites these days?

Stugolf:     Well, obviously the variety that GolfWeb offered.  But you have to remember, when GolfWeb was in its heyday, the Web wasn't what it is now... where every tour has its own site to offer up results.  In many cases we were the only place you get information on the Asian Tour, for example.

GeoffShac:     But I look at a lot sites now and think, they haven't even matched what Golfweb once was, much less expanded on the concept

GeoffShac:     which is kind of scary since it's been 6 years since the Tour and Sportsline swallowed it up

Stugolf:     Well, the whole landscape has changed.  When I was at GolfWeb we didn't have to worry about revenue.  In fact, it seemed like the more we spent, the better.  Now it's a big numbers game.  You have to find a way to make money.  Thus, fantasy sports, the Titleist leaderboard, animated ads flying across pages blocking out all the type, yada, yada, yada.

GeoffShac:     Okay final question and then I'll let you get back to your TiVo study of the new Tour ad campaign.

GeoffShac:     You were really an extra in Caddyshack?

Stugolf:     Finally a subject I can really get my teeth into.

GeoffShac:     I save the hard hitting stuff for the end

Stugolf:     Yes, I was an extra.  And you'll be able to see me on the Golf Channel's new cinema show they're starting up this week.
Stugolf:     I was doing a story for Golf Magazine on the making of the movie and I got to hang out on the set here in Fla. for a couple of weeks.  It was filmed at what used to be Arrowhead CC, it has a different name now that I can't even remember.  And if you look VERY hard at the end, when Bill Murray blows up the course, I'm right behind Danny Noonan in a blue visor.  SO there.

GeoffShac:     wow, they took a writer as an extra...the studios really know how to ensure a good review

Stugolf:     What, you think they’re dumb?  It was either that, or invite me to the coke parties that were taking place every night back at the hotel.

GeoffShac:     you made the right choice

GeoffShac:     hey thanks for the time, my sympathies as the Hope starts Wednesday with exciting coverage from the desert

Stugolf:     thanks...