Exec VP of International Affairs!?

Ty Votaw's new PGA Tour title:

Executive Vice President, International Affairs

The Executive part is fun because it vaults Votaw to the same all-important title plateau as Charlie Zink and Ed Moorhouse, who are each making over $1 million a year. (Zink made $17 more than Moorehouse last time the numbers were reported, so I wonder if Votaw will be $17 less than Moorhouse?)

Anyway, the Vice President part is fine too because, why not? Everyone else is a VP down there.

be195b1f.jpgBut International Affairs? For someone who had an affair with an international
player, creating problems at his last job? Surely a wordsmith like Tim Finchem could have done better.

Oh and in case you were wondering, Votaw will be the Commissioner's lapdog will report to the Office of the Commissioner.