Classic Club Previews

Thomas Bonk and Larry Bohannan look at the Classic Club. David Duval's effusive praise:
"It's seemingly a good golf course. You have to see it in different weather conditions and stuff. It's hard to even comment," said David Duval, the 1999 Classic winner.

"I think they are kind of changing the face of the event a little bit. Whether you agree or disagree is a debate," Duval said. "Like Indian Wells (Country Club). I didn't realize it was done until last year when they said, 'Oh, we're done with Indian Wells.' It's just kind of sad. You kind of really associated a couple of places with the Hope."

Bohannan also writes about how the Classic came to be in the golf course ownership business, highlighted by this Yogi-esque quote:
"This course has some longevity to it, and it is just starting its history," said John Foster, a member of the Hope tournament's executive board. "So as it goes through time and generation, I think you are going to find it one of the premier spots. Because it has amenities that older venues don't have, older great venues."