p025.jpgThanks to reader Steve for this see-if-you-can-not-roll-your-eyes press release.

DENVER -- When the USGA changed Rule 16-1a(i), it meant a sweeping change for PUTT PAL USA - literally.
PUTT PAL™ and POCKET PAL™ are the only greens brushes permitted by the USGA and the R & A. The PUTT PAL is available in two models. The first can be clipped onto the bag for easy access and is a retractable brush in a tube.

The second is the POCKET PAL. It is a slim, retractable brush, shaped like a deck of cards that can be easily carried in the pants pocket. The PUTT PAL and the POCKET PAL weigh only 2 ounces each.

The third in the threesome is the PUTT PAL Shaft version. This is a PUTT PAL brush attached to the end of a True Temper shaft with a Golf Pride grip on the other end. It eliminates having to bend down to sweep loose impediments from the green surface and will be available in the Spring.

True Temper shaft? How 20th century. Where's the Fujikura

"With the new rule change, we have three products that make perfect sense for the golfer," said PUTT PAL USA CEO and founder Steve Wicklas. "It not only sweeps away loose impediments, it does it quickly. Before the rule change, golfers had to remove loose impediments by hand which was a time taking chore. Now, the golfer can sweep them away in short order without affecting the pace of play."

Thrown in a distance measuring device, and I tell you, they're going to have this slow play thing licked.