USGA Private Air Travel, Vol. 2

In the original post on the USGA Executive Committee's need for private aircraft travel, the cost was considered using the NetJets model. But now that it has been confirmed that the USGA contracted 50 hours of flight time with Citation Shares' Jet Card program over an 18-month period and another 50 hours has been purchased, the minimum cost can be considered.

Though the USGA will not confirm the cost of the jet card program nor the specific trips taken, according to this March, 2004 U.S. News and World Report story, Citation Shares (then) cost $84,995 for 25 hours on a five- passenger Citation CJ1. This October, 2003 Wall Street Journal story put the price for 25-hour cards at somewhere between $85,000 and $145,000.

So assuming the absolute smallest plane and not factoring in a likely increase since due to rising fuel costs, the program has cost at least $340,000. 

Some would say that's just a couple of corporate tents at the U.S. Open, big deal. Perhaps, but if the trips are all USGA related and approved by the Audit Committee, then why can't this 501(c)(3) share the details?