Bunker Bits

gw-logo.gifLots of fun stuff in this week's Golf World "Bunker."

John Strege catches up with Mac O'Grady, with wacky Mac offering offers his thoughts on the Champions Tour, caddying and his forthcoming novel, which ought to see a printing press about the time his swing book and tape series hits the market. Wait, it can't be a book and tape series anymore. Book and DVD. 

Stu Schneider opens with his usual first rate one-liner and follows with analysis of Nick Faldo's "open bar" bit, which I passed on in favor of UCLA-West Virginia. Sounds like I didn't miss much.

Page one of the Bunker wonders whether the 2007 schedule is really set in stone. Bob Combs says yes, a few cranky tournament directors and Westchester CC do not agree.