On Site Training

LOVEmain.gifLinks has posted my January cover story on player architects Love, Lehman, Faxon, Faldo and Mickelson. The five were included because they are devoting plenty of site time to their projects.

I know, that's not saying a lot when we can count the number of minutes certain legends spend trying avoid getting dirty. But these guys are looking to changethe image and practice of the typical modern player architect (you know, the whole impersonation of an orchestra conductor, designer sunglasses, fawning entourage, Rolex, film crew and design associate whispering-the-owner's-name-in-their-ear motif). 

The Links posting includes my top 5 player architects of all time (and I can already here Jack squealing about coming in fifth behind Weiskopf, Jones, Crenshaw and Old Tom). There is also a short sidebar that looks at Tiger and other young players' possible entry into design.