PGA Tour Driving Distance Watch, Vol. 1 (2006 Edition)

pgatour.jpgMaybe they used meters on the two driving distance holes last week?

The Kapalua field averaged 254.9 yards off the tee, nearly 35 yards below the 2005 average.

But if you go to the Tour's "Longest Drive" stat page, more than half the drives from Kapalua are listed.

There were 238 tee shots over 350 yards for the week, and 565 over 300 yards.

And of the 999 drives listed, the average was 314.6 yards.

With a field of 28 having 15 driver chances per round, there were 1680 possible drives, with 1/3 of those 45 or more yards over the week's "average."  

Kind of makes you wonder which two holes were used for measuring.