"I wish the (media) photographic contract had not been expiring"

Carolyn Bivens, talking to Larry Bohannan about what surely keeps Tim Finchem up at night too:

"What I didn't know and what I certainly would not have chosen was for there to be the volume of issues," Bivens said Wednesday at Bighorn Golf Club, site of this week's Samsung World Championship. "I wish there hadn't been 11 tournament contracts that were due to be renewed. I wish the (media) photographic contract had not been expiring and had to be addressed."
Yep, I'm sure all commissioner's lie awake at night wondering, "what are we going to do about this photographic contract?"

And this is interesting:
On some tournaments leaving the tour after this season: Bivens said tournaments left for various reasons, including changing business climates, changes in marketing and, in some cases, changes that would have been required for renewal by the tour. "That's part of the cycle. There were 11 of them up for renewal. One of the tournaments (in Las Vegas) we chose very quietly not to renew. It hadn't been a very popular tournament."

Uh, now as an outsider, I didn't know that the LPGA was in such demand that you could just "quietly" not renew an event because it wasn't "very popular."