Kids Tagging Along!=Low Scores at Disney

Steve Trivett in the Daily Sun, the official paper of The Villages--yes, The Villages has a daily and it's online!--puts a rosey spin on the Disney event with it's lousy field and even lousier prospects for next year when it becomes part of the scrap heap part of the post-FedEx Cup schedule.

Anyway, I loved this from the tournament director. I'm surprised it hasn't been wheeled out to justify record scoring by some player trying to suck up to his equipment maker:

The Disney-hosted tournament has been a favorite among players in the past — especially those players with young families who see a trip to Walt Disney World as a chance to mix a vacation with work.

“This is a special place,” Weickel said. “It’s a tournament where the players can go to work and then go out and play with their children.

“And I really believe that contributes to the low scores we see here. The players are more relaxed, and that shows in their play,” he said.

Yeah, right. And more evidence that he's been spending too much time at Disney World: 
And he’s hoping that a change in the game will keep the excitement of the tournament alive.

“If you step back and look at it, there is a natural progression in golf just like there is in any sport,” he said. “There is a generational shift coming in golf just like there is in football, baseball and basketball.

“As the younger players make a name for themselves, they will have a bigger impact on the game,” Weickel said. “And they will become the players who have the kids who want to come here.

“The attraction of the tournament is not going to change,” he said.

He just hopes that a prospective sponsor sees it the same way.

If they do, the magic is still alive.