More On Faldo Hiring

Regarding the exciting news that CBS has hired Nick Faldo, Richard Sandomir in the NY Times shares this quote from a CBS exec:

Tony Pettitti, the executive vice president of CBS Sports, said Faldo's short period of work at ABC demonstrated an "easy ability to analyze, to vary his approach and explain and analyze things in different ways."
And now you know why Bobby Clampett still has a network job.

Peter McCleery at Golfoberver analyzes the surprise hiring, saying that it likely means Ian Baker-Finch may not be in CBS's plans now, and he raises this interesting point about Faldo covering the Masters (no, not the riveting question of whether he'll wear his green jacket on the air...):
His honesty may have the Masters folks on edge; he may have a hard time not telling us what he thinks of the course changes on a few holes. That delicate topic was nicely sidestepped on CBS in recent years as the crew fell into a unanimous chorus of approval.